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Writing ArticlesArticles are excellent tools to generate web traffic and product interest. Writing articles, may sound easy enough, but it is important that you write the proper types of articles to attract interested readers. Follow these simple steps to create compelling and interesting content.Compelling TitlesThink of article titles as news headlines. They must strike a chord with the reader and encourage them to read on. Article titles are the writer’s opportunity to grab the casual web browsers interest. Consider using a play on words or slightly modifying a common phrase to make the reader pause. Use a provocative title. Consider making the the title a question, and the article the answer. Questions are particularly useful as an article title because readers are naturally curious and will be enticed to read more. Titles can also be calls to action.While it is important that titles be compelling, they should also not lead the reader astray. The title should relate to the general subject of the article.The first letter of each word in the article title should be capitalized for emphasis. Articles should not only be thought of as educational tools, but also a benefit to your search engine ranking. With that in mind authors should include relevant keywords in the articles title.Examples of compelling titles:Content is Queen
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Learn The Secret To WindsurfingTypes of ArticlesArticles that are timeless have the longest shelf life. Consider “How-to” articles or instructional articles that explain common questions in simple terms. Authors should always keep in mind that the types of articles that tend to be the best received contain useful original content.Articles that are portrayed as educational articles should not be infomercials, but should contain objective information and tips that will genuinely assist readers.Keep It RealPeople will not be impressed by complex sentences that make little sense. Readers are looking for relevant information. Focus on topics that allow you to provide concrete helpful information.Article LengthThe ideal length for articles that are to be syndicated is between 600 and 800 words. If you have some content that is considerably longer, break it into a two-part article.Proof ReadArticles that are embraced by publishers are well-written. Like it or not, grammar and punctuation do matter. The quality of your writing will impact how the content is received. Double and triple check for typographical errors and incorrect grammar usage. Edit each article for spelling and grammatical errors. Typos reflect poorly on the author. Regardless of whether the information contained in the article is accurate, articles that are poorly formatted or include spelling errors, will be quickly discarded.Article FormattingThe article should be written in such a way that it can easily be broken into small paragraphs, making it easy for readers to skim. Small paragraphs will also increase the article’s overall readability. Each paragraph can include a mini-keyword rich title that will highlight the information contained within that paragraph. A bulleted list, highlighting important points, is another way to draw attention to a specific section of an article.Archive ArticlesAll articles should be archived onto a stable and persistent webpage. Each article should have it’s own page, and the page should be optimized for keywords related to the contents of the article.Resource BoxUse the author resource box to show expertise in a specific area. The author resource box should include the article author’s name, company, web address and any call to action items that relate to the article contents.Copyright 2006 Sharon Housley

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A little over twenty years ago, while I was still in college, I took up employment at a collection agency. Yes I was a bill collector, or as they titled me, a professional claims adjuster. Their title sounded less intimidating and more professional I guess. As a collector you were responsible each month for collecting a certain amount of money from people that owed your client. We worked with a computer system that let each collector check their accounts to see exactly how much money they had collected for a given month.Most of the time you knew how much you had collected up to a certain date based on phone calls you made, payments over the phone and so on. But there were those times when you would check your account and notice a payment was posted for a person you had never even talked to. We had a term for this when it happened, called “pennies from heaven”. What this meant was you received money towards your quota without having to do any work to get it. It’s as if the payment was dropped out of “heaven”, hence the term, “pennies from heaven”.The Google Page Rank, PR for short, and Google search results work in a similar fashion. The higher PR your website is the closer to the top of the search listings your site will appear for keywords that people search on. When a visitor is able to get to your site via a Google search result I consider that a “penny from heaven”. I do so because you were able to get a visitor without having to spend any money on advertising or marketing to do it.The key to obtaining more “pennies from heaven” is to increase your website’s PR. The PR is a number based system starting at zero (the lowest you can be rated) to ten (the highest you can be rated). Google takes into account various factors that add to the increase of your PR, but looks most favorably upon one way links.One way links are links that are posted on another website that point back to yours. Sure you could contact a website and ask them to post a link to your site on theirs but the chances of them of actually doing it without asking for something in return are slim and none. What if I told you not only can you get a website to post your link on theirs without having to do anything for them, but they will do it happily, gladly and do it with a smile?The fact is that is what article marketing does. You write an informational and educational article on a subject that is related to what your website is about and you post that article on various article directories. Bloggers and other website owners looking for content for their own sites visit these article directories find your article and post it on their own website complete with a link back to your website. They are happy because they are providing fresh, quality content for their visitors and you are happy because you are getting that one way link back to your website. It is a win-win for everybody.To get started you should write an article related to the content of your website. It should also be educational such as tips and tricks that readers of your article can use. Your article should be about 450 to 800 words in length. Once your article has been completed, do a Google search on the words “article directory”. Find a few that are appealing to you, create a free account and submit your article. Now all you have to do is repeat this process on a daily basis and your Google PR should increase in no time.Just keep in mind that Google indexes websites about every four to six months, so if you see no change in your PR, do not despair, it will go up. Then once it does go up it won’t be too long after that pennies of your own will be dropping from heaven.

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Do you want to earn real money simply by writing? Do not worries it is not as hard as you might think. Want to know how to make money with articles? Read on and I will teach you.The first thing that you need to know is that you will be marketing a product. Now before you get nervous, relax you do not have to create the product. There are thousands of products already on the market that you can use to make money with articles. We call this affiliate marketing. Visit Clickbank or Commission Junction, sign up, pick your product and you are all set.OK now that you have calmed down on to writing the articles. Making money with articles is really very easy. You have your product now all you have to do is conduct a little research and learn about it.Writing the articles is fairly easy. Now that you have done some research write an article that is 350 to 450 words in length. The key things to remember when writing your articles are:1.) Write an attention grabbing headline2.) A strong opening sentence3.) Use the body of the article to inform and educate your reader4.) Summarize the article in the final paragraph5.) Craft a Powerful Resource Box.In your resource box you MUST include a link to your product. No link equals no click through equals no money. Get the idea?Once you have a handful of articles head over to and signup as an author. Publish the articles and write more. The big key to make money with articles is that you need to keep writing. Set a goal to write a certain number per day. Stick to it and you will begin to see success.To make money with articles you must pick or create a product, write an informative educational article with an attention grabbing headline, craft a powerful resource box, submit your articles for publication, and last and most importantly …keep writing.Now you understand the basics needed to make money with articles. While this is an introduction to article marketing it is not all inclusive. I have outlined the process but it is up to you to conduct more research and read everything that you can on the subject and start earning real money.

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Article marketing has several purposes, which include:1. Reputation Booster- you can quickly become an “expert” in your field by writing informative articles on your business or product.
2. Educate: Articles educate your reader so they can become an informed buyer.
3. Traffic: Effective article marketing can produce high quality traffic. People who read your expert information trust you as someone that can assist them in solving their problem.
4. Content: you have probably heard this many times…Google loves content. Fresh content can quickly rise to a first page search result IF your article has the right ingredients.Now, we mentioned a writer that obviously uses articles to provide traffic to his website; and yes he has written at least 9000 articles in a two year time frame. That’s about 12 a day.Point is article marketing can work, and best of all it is free! Why else would anyone write that much!Imagine a website with enough traffic to produce easily a full time income, and all or most because you wrote a few articles a day?In order for your article to reach the search engine organic search results, your article needs a few specific ingredients.Here are a few MUST DO tips:1. Keyword research- use a free keyword research tool to see how many searches your keyword has had in the last month. Don’t select keywords like “make money online”, you’ll never compete quickly against that phrase. Try “make money easy online”. Much better chance to be in the top ten search results.2. Title: use your keyword (phrase) in your title, article body and resource box. The body should use the keyword about 1-2.5% of the total words. So if the article has 400 words you want the keyword repeated 4-10 times. Include the keyword in your closing paragraph and resource box.3. 300-700 words: a good article length is 400 words. Write more once you are comfortable with this technique.4. Brief: keep your article brief and to the point. People tend to speed read looking for key “bullet” type points.5. Format:the closing “resource box” should format your keyword so it is clickable, so if someone clicks on your keyword (phrase), they are taken to your website that you are promoting.Bonus Tip: You can use the same article content, just change it up a bit, and post it on your blog. Get more bang for your writing efforts!There is much more to effective article marketing and the best format so the article is picked up by the search engines and placed in a top ten search result so you get a piece of that traffic.This article hopefully gives you some key aspects of the proper preparation of your article so it works for you.

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If you could write down useful and educational articles and then dispense them on a good publishing spot, you will have big opportunities of raising your e-business without paying a dime for the promotion charge. This procedure, which is also known as the long tail marketing of articles that will permit you to distribute important substance to the person who reads it in order for you to easily tempt them to your site. As you already know, increased in traffic you create, increase also in opportunities of creating a sale.The following are ways on how to proliferate your long tail marketing of articles:1. Convey only educational articles. You could create additional interest online and you could make an impact to your readers if you could provide them with helpful and important content. You could contribute some of your trade skills and secrets. You could also suggest an answer to their problems, allow them to accomplish something with themselves and suggest answers to their endless questions.2. Identify your crowd. It is one of the most essential components of long tail article promoting. You must have a concrete plan regarding your readers in order for you to provide them better service and to please them as well. Do our best to discover their inclination and the components that has made them in a place of need of wanting your content. Make every effort to know their profiles, their difficulties, and the important information that they want from you. Through this, you are not left out regarding what information you must have to comprise your content and also on how to convey it to your readers effectively.3. Pick your subject matter intelligently. Your main objective in writing and dispensing your articles with the use of internet is to attract huge traffic to your site. You have to make sure that you are drawing attention to those individuals who have the possibility to purchase from your site in order that you could enhance your transaction and increase your profits. You must do articles that those readers will discover out of the ordinary and applicable to their everyday life. You must discuss about their areas of concern, things that they are most obsessed of and other related issues. These themes will permit you to provide these persons what information they need to know in order that you could immediately get their trust.4. Refuse to unashamed advertisement. You must be certain that your articles do not contain marketing propaganda and sales pitches. Do you know why? The basis for this is very easy. Readers which make use of internet in reading articles exclusively for the reason that they want to be notified and they want to be definitely appreciate it even if you include your merchandize and other services inside the content.

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The most frequent question I get from authors is “What should I write about?” When you’re doing article marketing, that question is easily answered – write a ‘How To’ article!The ‘How To’ article is the perfect medium for an article that teaches readers, pleases publishers, and appeals to Google.Here are 5 of the best reasons why you should make your next article a ‘How To’:1) How To articles are educational articles.Probably the most “popular” reason for an article being declined is what publisher’s call “promotional” or “self-serving” content. That means that the article toots the horn of the author rather than providing objective and useful information to the reader.This is something that you want to avoid!The trick to writing educational articles is to save your promotional information for your resource box and focus on writing ‘How To’ articles.It’s very difficult to turn a “How To’ article into a self-serving one because typically your energy is focused on teaching your reader something that will benefit them rather than you.The bright spot is that in writing for your readers (rather than to make a sale) you receive benefits as well!2) ‘How To’ articles show readers that you’re an expert.When you’re writing a ‘How To’ article, you have specialized knowledge that the reader wants and needs. In writing an instructional article that readers find easy to understand and implement, you build the reader’s confidence in your knowledge and abilities.The more a reader believes that you are capable and knowledgeable, the greater chance that they will think of you when they need services or products like yours (and they can tell what your services are from looking at your resource box).3) ‘How To’ articles are easy to read.Most of the time instructional articles are written in list form.When you’re writing a ‘How To’ you’ll break your instructions down into a sequential series of steps and just seeing Step 1, Step 2, etc helps a reader follow your train of thought.It’s much easier to skim and glean information from a list, and ‘How To’ articles make perfect list articles. The easier your article is to read and understand, the more benefit it will be to your readers.4) ‘How To’ articles are easy to write.When your article is in a list, you can start by writing down the major steps you want to cover and then use that as an outline for your article.Writing a ‘How To’ article as a list (Step 1, Step 2, etc.) gives you a head start and helps get the creative wheels of your brain moving. Our brains find it easiest to think in sequential, rational steps anyway (first do this, then do this, thirdly do this), so a ‘How To’ article very neatly conforms to our desire for order and makes the article easier to write.5) Your customers are looking for ‘How To’ articles.Let me ask you – when you do a Google search, what types of information are you looking for?Most of the time we’re looking for information on how to do something – how to wallpaper a bathroom, how to write a novel, how to start a business, etc.We hop on the internet in search of information on how to do things, and when your customers are doing searches on Google, they’re looking for instructional content too.Website owners are always trying to figure out how to lure Google to their websites and sometimes think that they need to be very technically minded to do so, but I tell you, the easiest way to lure Google to your website and rank higher in the search engines is to write articles on topics that interest your target market.Your target market wants instructional information, so write a ‘How To’ article and tell them how to do something!When you’re doing article marketing, the first few articles may come easily to you, but after a while you have to really get creative when coming up with topics on which to write.’How To’ articles can be your bread and butter when you’re doing article marketing – once you start writing reader-centric articles that teach your readers how to do something specific, you’ll find that writing is easier and that you’re producing content that Google and publishers love.

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Education jobs are numerous. Of course, there are those which are solely focused on teaching. There are many educational institutions offering from preschool to post graduate education which constantly hire professional teachers. They alone provide thousands of education jobs for those with degrees in education.However, there are further education jobs out there which are not limited to teaching. For starters, there are administrative education jobs you can apply to. If you don’t like teaching kids and grown ups, you can always apply for administrative positions like being a dean, principal or department head. Your main focus will be the supervision of the overall function of the institution. You’ll be in charge of educational programs and supervising the faculty and see to it that they’re doing their responsibilities according to standards.Another interesting job in line with education is that of a registrar and cashier. You don’t need to have an education degree to apply for such positions. A degree in accounting or commerce is enough. As a registrar, you’ll be in charge of the records of all students. On the other hand, being a cashier entails responsibilities such as organizing all accounts including payments of students and salaries of teachers.If you’re a bookworm, you’ll find the job as librarian very enjoyable. Most educational institutions prefer licensed librarians to work for them but for small schools, a degree in education is enough. In addition, you have to be extremely organized and strict when it comes to the policies of the library in case of borrowing and using of books and other resource materials.Being a guidance counselor is one of the most challenging education jobs out there. You need to have a degree in psychology to get into this job since it’s very sensitive. You’ll be dealing with students of all ages and from different backgrounds. Oftentimes, you have to help students deal with their problems, decision-making, and preparing them in choosing their desired careers in life.Just so you know there are also education jobs you can now find online. Many online education portals are looking for tutors to teach English as a Second Language to non-native speakers. You can earn extra money by simply teaching English to foreigners for a few hours everyday or by helping kids with their homework. Not only that, but you can also help others publish eBooks, write articles, and maintain blogs.Education jobs are varied that even if you don’t have a degree in education, you have a big chance of getting in. You can earn a reasonable salary as a full time employee and earn extra cash at the same time working online or after school hours.

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Are you the parent of a child with autism or emotional disturbance that receives special education services? Are you concerned about the use of restraint and seclusion for your child’s negative school behavior? Would you like to learn 9 things about what to include in a No consent letter? This article will discuss restraint and seclusion and things that should be included in a letter making it clear to special education personnel that they do not have your consent to this on your child.Children with disabilities have the right to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE). The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) states that school districts need to consider the use of positive behavioral supports and plans if a child’s behavior interferes with their education or the education of others; but most do not do it.Prone restraints, which means that the child is face down has been responsible for several deaths in the US, because it restricts the child’s breathing. Seclusion can be very scary for a child causing emotional distress. Children can be left alone for long periods of time in a room and not be able to escape.A No Consent Letter will make it clear that your school district does not have your consent, to use these techniques on your child. Below are 9 things to be included in the No Consent Letter:Item 1: School District Name and number (if you know the number) and address. Name of the person you are sending the letter to.Item 2: Date that the letter is sent.Item 3: Give child’s name, birthdate, age, and school that the child is attending.Item 4: Give the child’s disability and also state your concern about your child’s behavior, and schools response. For example: My child Alex has autism and has had many behavioral challenges over the years. Because of these challenges I am concerned that District ___ will use aversive interventions on my child. These interventions could be: restraint, seclusion, physical management, seclusionary time outs, forcible holding, dragging, use of ties and straps, slaps, deliberate humiliation, or deprivation of nutrition or exercise.Item 5: Make it clear that you are not giving permission for any of these strategies to be used on your child. For example: This letter is to make it clear that I have not authorized or given consent to any of the above strategies being used on my child. Also add to your letter: If an emergency should arise and school staff feel unequiped to respond in a safe and non threatening way, please contact family members listed below rather than escalating the situation through the use of Restraint, Seclusion or by calling the police.Name/relationship to child Phone NumberItem 6: Add to the letter that IDEA is clear that the appropriate way to handle behavior is by getting a functional analysis of behavior (FBA) and having a positive behavioral plan developed by a trained person. Add that you would also like to be part of the team that does the FBA and develops the positive behavioral plan.In addition add any things that have helped your child calm down when they become upset or agitated. For Example: In the past Alex has been allowed to separate himself on a chair in the back of the classroom to calm himself down. This has been very successful in preventing outbursts.Item 7: Add to the letter that if my child’s behavior worsens I am asking that an IEP meeting be held to discuss research based ways to handle negative behavior.Item 8: Give the number of a person that would be able to go to the school to help in any emergency situation.Item 9: Thank them for their attention to this matter and I would also let them know that you will be holding them accountable if they use restraint and seclusion on your child, without your permission.You must be proactive in the matter of restraint and seclusion and your child. To hide your head in the sand could cause your child to be injured or in the worst situation killed! Your child is depending on you to protect them so that school is a safe place to learn and grow!

How to Ensure Your Special Education Child Receives a Free Appropriate Public Education – Education articles

Do you have a child with autism who receives special education services and struggles with all areas of academics? Are you concerned that your child with dyslexia is not receiving appropriate reading instruction and is falling further and further behind their grade appropriate peers? This article will give you 7 things that you can do to ensure that your child is receiving a free appropriate public education.1. Have high expectations for your child. With appropriate educational instruction, your child with autism or a learning disability, should be able to keep up with their age and grade appropriate peers.2. If your child has dyslexia or a learning disability in the area of reading, make sure that they are receiving a scientifically based reading program which includes explicit direct instruction that is systematic, sequential and cumulative. Studies from the National Institute of Human Development have shown that for children with difficulties learning to read, a multisensory teaching method is the most effective teaching method.3. According to No Child Left Behind, 5 skills must be included in a reading program to bring early reading success. These skills are: Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Make sure these skills are included in any reading program for your child.4. Make sure that the reading instruction is given according to the person who developed the programs protocols. If the program is not taught correctly or for the recommended amount of time that child will not learn.5. If your child has difficulties in the area of functional skills insist that your child receive functional skill training, and make sure goals are written for your child.6. Make sure that all of the special education services your child needs are listed in their individual educational plan (IEP). Many special education personnel limit the types and amounts of special education services that they provide to children with disabilities, which means that you may have to assertively and persistently fight for your child.7. Make sure that all services listed on your child’s IEP are actually given to your child. Check in with your child’s teacher and service providers to ensure that your child is receiving the services. If you are not sure, ask for written proof that your child has received therapies and services that are listed on their IEP.By following these 7 items you will be able to help your child receive a free appropriate public education! Children who do not receive a free appropriate public education may not be able to get a job or live a fulfilled life.

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In order to succeed and earn money with your stay at home mom’s business you must avail yourself of all the business education you can get. The reason for this is that the home based business niche is very competitive today. There are literally hundreds of thousands of Internet entrepreneurs trying to earn money at home today. As the global economy worsens steadily day by day there will be more and more competition in this field.Home based Internet business owners are discovering more and more techniques each and every day to promote their stay at home mom’s businesses. This means that you must constantly learn new techniques on an ongoing basis. Now, you could just try to compete with all these people through trial and error but you will spend many hours working yourself deeper and deeper into a hole. You could also lose more money than you could ever imagine by working in the dark this way. Remember the reason that you’re doing this is to earn money rather than lose it.An example is pay per click advertising which is a very popular way to promote an Internet business but if you’ve not learned the correct way to do it by getting the much needed online business education, instead of making money you could lose more than you could ever imagine. It can be very complicated setting up a pay per click campaign properly so that it makes a profit for you if you haven’t educated yourself.Article marketing is another very popular method used to promote a stay at home mom’s business. This is article writing and targeting keyword phrases that are related to your blog or website or whatever it is you’re trying to earn money at home with. You have to be careful though that your article writing doesn’t appear to be simply self promotional. Many of the most important and major article directories and publishers won’t accept and publish your articles if they appear to be blatant advertising for yourself. If your articles are to be an effective form of promotion you must also know how and where to distribute them effectively. This is just one of many reasons that you should spend a lot of time learning to earn by getting your online business education.In summary if you don’t take the time and put forth the effort to take advantage of the resources available to teach you how to run your home based business you won’t be very successful online.